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Derek doesn’t live in his old ramshackle house anymore, because the county took it. But before he leaves it behind, he shares a meaningful scene with Scott and Stiles there. It’s a powerful moment that reveals a lot about Scott’s mindset right now…. and about what Derek endured to get the spiral tattoo on his back.
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#Okay can we talk about all the looks exchanged between these two in this episode #Firstly, when they arrive at Harrenhal, they’re always standing close to each other #Understandable, considering they feel protective of one another #Secondly #When they’re sleeping in the pen and Arya is saying her little death prayer #Gendry is the only other person awake #And he’s sitting right next to her #Looking all protective again #And now on to the looks #They’re both aware that they will probably die in Harrenhal #The smell when they arrive said as much before they even saw all the torturing #And for some reason that makes them subconsciously stand near each other #And any time something startling happens #Both of them instinctively look at the other #As if finding comfort there #As if everything is better if the other is still alright #And when Gendry is chosen for questioning #He immediately looks to Arya #As if it’s not so bad if she’s still unhurt #And Arya panics #She looks sideways quickly #Then back to him #Because she doesn’t know what to do without him #He’s her best friend now #And losing him meant losing everything #And even once he’s strapped in for torture #While he resists the questions and doesn’t break because he’s determined not to #He doesn’t want to give them the satisfaction #And he also doesn’t want to scare her #He looks at her again #Just to make sure she’s staying strong #And not letting them see her fear #Because even when he’s certain he’s about to die #Everything’s better if she’s still alright