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cisforcaffeinated replied to your post: OKAY SO i’m going to force myself to stick with…

WHY IS YOUR LIST SO MUCH BETTER UGH. *throws list out in shame*


also if anyone wants to play 30 days of monster stiles too feel free!

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cisforcaffeinated replied to your post: the more and more i think about peter/lydia the…

Wait. Then. But if there’s Persephone and Hades maybe there’s a Demeter figure who withheld her bounty and created winter and. What. Feelings. Myth feelings ;a; And all the world suffered for Persephone’s loss I just. Stop it.

yeah, i was trying to decide who would be the demeter figure in this setting

maybe stiles (i really love the way this scene was staged okay)

he’s already pack mom after all

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Lydia of House Martin (Here we stand), bannermen to Tyrell; Jackson of House Whittemore (Gold is power), bannermen to Lannister; Allison of House Argent (In silver lies truth); Derek of House Hale (To hunt, to howl), former bannermen to Stark; Stiles of a fallen house who's words were, "Forgive today, remember forever", bannermen to Tully. Maybe Danny's Dornish? Maester Deaton. No I haven't obsessed about this why do you ask? >A> credit also to wecouldbeheroes-loverswecouldbe. I'm not sorry.

asdfghj but ‘here we stand’ are house mormont’s words. deaton as a master tho asdfghj perf.

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Ugh pre-fire Hale family feels. Stiles discovers photo album in the evidence room at the station and it's all sooty and fire-damaged and because he shouldn't be there he looks through it and does not recognize odd-looking kid with the buck-toothed grin. The notices the dad-type and thinks, "Ha he looks like Derek if you squint and remove the stick from his ass" and then. "Oh". Halefamilyphotoalbum. I think this should be an art project....


i can see it so well too

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Oh thank god I'm not the only one going, "OH MY GOD HIS TEETH". Derek's Mr. Scowly McScowlersons. "Why doesn't he ever talk with his mouth open all the way?" I wonder and then he does and I think, "Houston, we have prominent front teeth. Houston what am I supposed to do HOUSTON ARE THESE BUCK TEETH? IS THIS A BUCKTOOTHED WEREWOLF HOW ARE SUPPOSED TO COPE?" I can't stop imagining bb wolfpup!Derek with buck teeth now.

HIS TEETH ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER OKAY. every time he’s talking and on screen and you can see them i just go all giggling schoolgirl because adorable omg

derek totally would’ve had buck teeth as a kid and i feel like bullies would’ve tried to pick on him for it because well his family was weird to begin with but laura would always stick up for him and UGH HALE FAMILY FEELINGS.

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Dear Pembroke, I thought you'd appreciate a headcanon. Derek (last of his name) of house Hale ("a house that exists only on the Wall") is a man of the Night's Watch after fleeing the clusterfeck that was the end of the Targaryan reign because Kate of house Argent ("Silver Flies True") sold them out to the Mad King. And basically season 1 of Teen Wolf happens only in the Game of Thrones world, set five years into the reign of Robert Baratheon. And I've thought too much about this. ;a;




asdfghj vanz and i have actually been playing with sorting each of the tw pack into westerosi houses for funsies but it’s nothing like this and i LOVE ITTTTTTTTT

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